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MSYS Fallback Makefile

This is a simple, straightforward Makefile for building LibGD with MinGW on MSYS (or possibly Cygwin). It is here for anyone who doesn't want to deal with autotools or CMake on Windows or who can't get either of them working on their particular setup.

Note that this Makefile only builds the library and test cases; the standalone utilities are ignored. If you need those, you'll need to use one of the other build systems (or add them yourself.)

To build LibGD:

  1. Install MinGW and MSYS (see You will need to install zip and unzip as well as the 32-bit C compiler and related tools.

  2. Install LibJpeg, LibPng, LibTiff, Zlib and FreeType from and install them all in c:/tools/GnuWin32/. (You can get these libraries from other places and/or install them in different locations, but you'll need to edit the Makefile accordingly if you do.)

  3. Skip ahead to the next step. If that doesn't work, edit the Makefile to fix what went wrong. Things to try include:

    • Ensure SRC contains an up-to-date list of source files. (Take a look at libgd_la_SOURCES src/ for a reference.)
    • Ensure that the paths and #defines for unsupported libraries are commented out. They're nicely grouped into clusters to simplify that.
  4. cd to this directory and type:

    make make check

    If both commands succeed, you're done. (Note that some of the testcases will fail, just because they test features not enabled here. This is fine. As long as most tests pass, you're probably okay.)

  5. Type

    make dist

    This will create, a zip file containing the new library and its dependants. Note that this step may pick up extra DLLs; it sweeps up all of the DLLs in the directories pointed to by *_DLLDIR Makefile variables.

    Alternately, you can copy the lib (in src/) to wherever it needs to go.

Stuff that Doesn't Work

  • LibXpm: It's probably nothing serious, just more trouble than it's worth.
  • LibFontconfig: I couldn't find Windows binaries for it anywhere reputable.