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gd - Goto Directory

gd will let you change to a subdirectory within your personal
home-directory tree just by specifying parts of the directory name. It
is inspired by old versions (with no tree-visualizer) of Norton Change
Directory for M$-DOS. To work as expected, the user will have to
install a shell-alias or -function. Please see the manual pages for
end user installation.

The program is written in perl by

	Sverre H. Huseby
	Maridalsvn. 122, leil. 101
	N-0461 Oslo


You can use and copy this for free. If you decide to use it, please do
me three small favours:

	1. Tell me! (E-mail, postcard, letter, whatever. If you wish
	   to give me something, please send a bottle of your
	   favourite beer (making this BeerWare))
	2. Let your friends and favourite download site have a copy!
	   (with all files intact, please..)
	3. Report any bugs you find!