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gd-libgd / src / gdprog.1

gdprog \- helper program for gd alias
.ll +8
.B gdprog
.RB [ " \-ib "
.RB [ " \-\-install\-bash "
.RB [ " \-it "
.RB [ " \-\-install\-tcsh "
.ll -8
.I gdprog
is not supposed to be called directly, but rather through the
alias or shell-function
.I gd.
Please read the man-page for gd(1) before reading any further.

.I gdprog
is started with one of the options mentioned below (and above), it will
output a string suitable for installing the alias in the specified
shell. Thus, to install the alias, you may evaluate the output from
.I gdprog
as in

    eval `gdprog \-\-install\-bash`

.I gdprog
is not in a directory mentioned in your PATH-variable, you must
enter the full path to the program.

If the first argument to
.I gdprog
is "gd", it assumes it is called from the alias, and behaves as
another program (See gd(1) for details). Thus, if you want to install
the alias manually, you should pass "gd" followed by any parameters
given to the alias.

After successfully locating a directory,
.I gdprog
outputs the full directory name, and exits with success. In that case
the alias should store the output in a shell-variable, and pass it to
.IR cd .

All messages are written to stderr, so they will be visible even
if stdout is redirected. If
.I gdprog
returns with failure, a suitable error-message is displayed, so the
alias should do nothing.
.B \-ib, \-\-install\-bash
Output a string that will install a bash-function for
.IR gd .
.B \-it, \-\-install\-tcsh
Print a command suitable for installing the
.IR gd -
alias in tcsh.
Please let me know of installation strings for other shells...
This perl-program was written from scratch in 1994 by Sverre H. Huseby,
Norway (sverrehu@ifi.uio.no)