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For documentation, browse index.html.

Quick install guide:

If the sources have been fetched from git, run [options].

From a released source, use:
1. Type './configure'
2. Type 'make install'

Generic configuration instructions are in the file INSTALL.

The following 3rd-party libraries will be used by gd if found by configure.
While gd will compile and install even without these, we suggest that at
least zlib and libpng are installed, and recommend that freetype and jpeg
are installed as well:

1. zlib, available from
   Data compression library

2. libpng, available from
   Portable Network Graphics library; requires zlib

3. FreeType 2.x, available from
   Free, high-quality, and portable font engine

4. JPEG library, available from
   Portable JPEG compression/decompression library

5. XPM, available from
   X Pixmap library

If any of these libraries are installed, but not detected by configure,
you can use the following command line options:


  Without the DIR argument, configure will check for png header files and
  libraries in a default location. To switch off png support, use
  --without-png, or --with-png=no.

  If the DIR argument is specified, configure tries to find the png header
  files in DIR/include, and the libraries in DIR/lib. To accommodate
  OpenBSD ports, DIR/include/libpng is also checked if necessary.


  Dto. for freetype 2.x library. The search path for include files is


  Dto. for jpeg library.


  Dto. for xpm library.

Dto. for TIFF library.