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Dear OpenVMS user,

Installation process is identical to one in *nix* world and consist to 
four simple steps:
1. Installing required libraries
2. Configuration
3. Compiling
4. Installation.

1. Please install required libraries first:

1. ZLIB 1.2 or newer
2. PNG 1.2.12 or newer
3. FreeType 2
4. JPEG 6B

All may be found at OpenVMS libSDL porting project site

Also, system should have MMS make utility from DEC or 
free analogue MMK. And C compiler with runtime, of course. ;)

2. Configuration is doing automatically by a configuration script:


The script detects hardware,system and required libraries have been installed.
Compilation stage will be prepeared to create shared and static libraries. 
Alpha,IA64 or VAX platform are supported. Optional argument "static" 
tells to configurator to make static libraries only:


CONFIGURE script checks your ZLIB, FREETYPE, JPEG, PNG libraries. 
If it detects any troubles, you may get and install good and tested ones 
from OpenVMS libSDL porting project site:

When success, it creates a building script named BUILD.COM

3. Compilation:


It should be error-free.

When success, it creates a setup script named LIBGD$STARTUP.COM

4. Setup OpenVMS environment before using libGD:


LIBGD and its utilites are ready to using.

Optionally you may insert this startup file into your LOGIN.COM 
to set libGD environment every time you login automatically.

To learn libGD please refer libGD official documentation.
Compiling with library should be:


Alexey Chupahin
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
elvis_75@mail.ru  alex@rostov.rs-ultra.ru