gd-libgd / src / wbmp.h

** ----
** WBMP Level 0: B/W, Uncompressed
** This implements the WBMP format as specified in WAPSpec 1.1 and 1.2.
** It does not support ExtHeaders as defined in the spec. The spec states
** that a WAP client does not need to implement ExtHeaders.
** (c) 2000 Johan Van den Brande <>
** Header file
#ifndef __WBMP_H
#define __WBMP_H	1

/* WBMP struct
** -----------
** A Wireless bitmap structure

typedef struct Wbmp_
  int type;			/* type of the wbmp */
  int width;			/* width of the image */
  int height;			/* height of the image */
  int *bitmap;			/* pointer to data: 0 = WHITE , 1 = BLACK */

#define WBMP_WHITE  1
#define WBMP_BLACK  0

/* Proto's
** -------
void putmbi (int i, void (*putout) (int c, void *out), void *out);
int getmbi (int (*getin) (void *in), void *in);
int skipheader (int (*getin) (void *in), void *in);
Wbmp *createwbmp (int width, int height, int color);
int readwbmp (int (*getin) (void *in), void *in, Wbmp ** wbmp);
int writewbmp (Wbmp * wbmp, void (*putout) (int c, void *out), void *out);
void freewbmp (Wbmp * wbmp);
void printwbmp (Wbmp * wbmp);

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