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gd-libgd / src / Makefile.nt

#NMAKE makefile for Windows 95/98/NT developers.
#Produces a static library (libgd.lib). Thanks to Joe Gregorio.


#If the ar command fails on your system, consult the ar manpage
#for your system. 

#If the install command is not in your path, provide
#an explicit path for it here, or install manually.

#If you don't have FreeType and/or Xpm installed, including the
#header files, uncomment this (default).

#If you do have FreeType and/or Xpm fully installed, uncomment a
#variation of this and comment out the line above. See also LIBS below.

#Libraries required for applications 
LIBS=gd.lib libpng.lib zlib.lib 
#LIBS=gd.lib libpng.lib zlib.lib libjpeg.lib libttf.lib

#Libraries required for gd.lib itself
GDLIBS=libpng.lib zlib.lib
#GDLIBS=libpng.lib zlib.lib libjpeg.lib libttf.lib

#Typical install locations for freetype, zlib, jpeg, xpm and 
#libpng header files. If yours are somewhere else, change this. 
INCLUDEDIRS=-I d:\zlib -I d:\libpng -I d:\libjpeg -I d:\libttf

#Typical install locations for freetype, zlib, xpm, libjpeg and 
#libpng libraries.
#If yours are somewhere else, other than a standard location
#such as /lib or /usr/lib, then change this. Be sure to keep
#-L. as this allows the gd library itself to be found.
#Put -L. first so that old versions of the gd library elsewhere
#on your system can't cause conflicts while building a new one.

#Location where gd.lib should be installed by "make install".

#Location where .h files should be installed by "make install".

#Location where useful non-test programs should be installed by "make install".

# Changes should not be required below here.




BIN_PROGRAMS=pngtogd.exe pngtogd2.exe gdtopng.exe gd2topng.exe gd2copypal.exe gdparttopng.exe webpng.exe
TEST_PROGRAMS=gdtest.exe gddemo.exe gd2time.exe gdtestttf.exe

all: gd.lib $(PROGRAMS)

gddemo.exe: gddemo.c gd.lib
	$(CC) gddemo.c $(LIBDIRS) $(LIBS)

pngtogd.exe: pngtogd.c gd.lib
	$(CC) pngtogd.c $(LIBDIRS) $(LIBS) 

webpng.exe: webpng.c gd.lib
	$(CC) webpng.c 	$(LIBDIRS) $(LIBS)

pngtogd2.exe: pngtogd2.c gd.lib
	$(CC) pngtogd2.c	$(LIBDIRS) $(LIBS)

gdtopng.exe: gdtopng.c gd.lib
	$(CC) gdtopng.c 	$(LIBDIRS) $(LIBS)

gd2topng.exe: gd2topng.c gd.lib
	$(CC) gd2topng.c	$(LIBDIRS) $(LIBS)

gd2copypal.exe: gd2copypal.c gd.lib
	$(CC) gd2copypal.c	$(LIBDIRS) $(LIBS)

gdparttopng.exe: gdparttopng.c gd.lib
	$(CC) gdparttopng.c	$(LIBDIRS) $(LIBS)

gdtest.exe: gdtest.c gd.lib
	$(CC) gdtest.c 	$(LIBDIRS) $(LIBS)

gd2time.exe: gd2time.c gd.lib
	$(CC) gd2time.c	$(LIBDIRS) $(LIBS)

gdtestttf.exe: gdtestttf.c gd.lib
	$(CC) gdtestttf.c 	$(LIBDIRS) $(LIBS)

OBJS=gd.obj gd_gd.obj gd_gd2.obj gd_io.obj gd_io_dp.obj gd_io_file.obj gd_ss.obj \
	gd_io_ss.obj gd_png.obj gdxpm.obj gdfontt.obj gdfonts.obj gdfontmb.obj gdfontl.obj \
	gdfontg.obj gdtables.obj gdttf.obj gdcache.obj gdkanji.obj gd_jpeg.obj

gd.lib:  $(OBJS) gd.h gdfontt.h gdfonts.h gdfontmb.h gdfontl.h gdfontg.h	
	$(AR) $(OBJS) $(GDLIBS) 

	del *.obj *.lib $(PROGRAMS)