# The Libra Toolkit, version 1.1.2c:


You are welcome to use the code for research or commercial purposes
under the terms of the 2-clause BSD license.  However, we request that
you acknowledge its use with a citation, or at least a reference to
the Libra home page:

If you like, please also drop us a line about what you do with Libra and what
results you obtain.  See the LICENSE file for official license information.

NOTE: Libra includes several external projects that it depends on:
ocaml-expat and lbfgs.  Their licenses may need to be acknowledged as
well.  See the Developer's Guide for more information.


Libra requires that OCaml is installed, including the ocamlfind tool
and the ocaml-expat library.  The recommended method for installing
OCaml is through OPAM, the OCaml package manager.  Installation
instructions for OPAM can be found at:
  [ ]
After installing OPAM, you can install the additional dependencies
using the command: 

   `opam install ocamlfind ocaml-expat`

To build Libra from source on UNIX-like hosts (Linux, Mac OS X, etc.), run:


The default installation prefix is `/usr/local`.  To change it, run: 

   `./configure --prefix=<path>`

To install Libra, run:

   `make install`

See the manual for more details and build options.


Please see the `doc/` directory for official documentation:
  `doc/manual.pdf`:   Overview of Libra's functionality, including a "quick start" guide with a short tutorial.
  `doc/devguide.pdf`: Information on the code architecture of Libra

To generate library documentation:
   `make doc`

and browse `doc/html/index.html`


Please contact Daniel Lowd <> and Amirmohammad
Rooshenas <> with any questions, comments, 
bug fixes, etc.