#454 Merged at dbe95ae
  1. Philippe Renon
  • LP-109 add gstreamer library and video gadget

  • LP-109 fix long video pauses with rtsp protocol over wifi

    workaround https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-40332

  • LP-109 video gadget: add gstreamer to About credits

  • LP-109 about credits: fix URLs of Qt and msys2

  • LP-109 cleanup copydata.pro files

    to bring them up to par with gstreamer's copydata.pro file

  • LP-109 video gadget: add Mac support

    credits go to Ben Meng for making the video gadget work on Mac

  • LP-109 video gadget: add Linux support

    sort of...

Comments (4)

  1. Philippe Renon author

    Please take a look at ./ground/gcs/src/libs/gstreamer/readme.txt for some indications on how to build the video gadget.

    Works on Windows, should work on Mac and might work on Linux...

    Note that for now, most of the default pipelines work on Windows only but are easy to adapt to other OSes.

    Packaging for Mac and Linux is missing.

  2. Jan NIJS

    It looks like this: make config_append GCS_EXTRA_CONF+=gstreamer Is not the best method to enable compilation for the video widget. In the config file, the "override" keyword is added in front of the line. It looks like this is causing some parts of osg to become disabled due to the override. PFD modelview is impacted by this. And a make package complains about missing osg dll files. I added: ifeq ($(GCS_WITH_GSTREAMER), 1) GCS_EXTRA_CONF += gstreamer endif

    to the Makefile and used this line to enable video: make config_append GCS_WITH_GSTREAMER=1