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#457 Open

LP-419 avoid gcs config reset

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  1. Philippe Renon
  • LP-419 xmlconfig: cleanup and remove dead code

  • LP-419 add settings utilities

    provides utilities to initialize, load and merge factory defaults settings

  • LP-419 main: use new settings utils

  • LP-419 cleanup QSettings usage throughout GCS

  • LP-419 config: made IPConnectionPlugin a configurable plugin

    inspired from notification plugin next is the serialconnection plugin also made the code more conformant

  • LP-419 config: apply camel case to IPConnection classes

  • LP-419 config: made SerialPlugin a configurable plugin

    inspired from notification plugin

  • LP-419 notification: remove unused files

  • LP-419 dialgadget: convert floats to strings before saving configuration

    avoids rounding issues

  • LP-419 config: merge factory defaults at startup

    a simple registry is used to track all configurations ever seen only new configurations (i.e. not in the registry) are added merging only applies to plugin and gadget configurations for now

  • Issues LP-419

Comments (3)

  1. Philippe Renon author

    Another massive PR...

    Noteworthy change inlcude:

    • Merge GCS factory default configurations when starting GCS. This removes the need to reset the GCS settings when new configurations are added to the default settings.

    • Better handle plugin configurations (this applies to IPConnectionPlugin and SerialPlugin)

    • Move some code from main.cpp to new settingsutils.cpp

    Most (other) changes are just QSettings usage changes (i.e. pass by reference instead of by pointer) and other related cleanups.

    Next step is to allow for OS specific defaults.

  2. Philippe Renon author

    Per OS facroty default configuration file handling has been added.

    For example, on linux, if a default_linux.xml file is found it will be loaded alongside the common default.xml file.

    No such os specific file is provided yet.

  3. Jan NIJS

    I think all "void saveState(QSettings ..." should have the "const" added. However I only needed to add the keyword where I marked them below to get the code to compile on mac.