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- Modified joint probability computation between the species.
Updated SpeciesConnector removing Gibbs sampling.
Fixed SpeciesConnector to execute mkdir in UNIX.
Fixed Dat2Dab.cpp: Test for -1 rather than 0 for checking missing values.
Fix build scripts to pick up extlib dependencies
Update documentation to include new email and Mercurial repo location
Add covariate mutual information approximation to Counter
Curtis Huttenhower
Remove obsolete VS2005 project files
rmcg:00408: merged changes to boost and build script
rmcg:00408: added hg update to nightly build/make script
Fix push hook script to remove temporary file, avoiding permissions errors
Add new boost regexp library to BOOST_LIBS along with graph library
adding script directory back in
Fix some autotools/build issues
Merge the mysteriously unnecessary branch
Backout incorrect change
rmcg: adding boost files
Curtis Huttenhower
Add OLS regression to CMath
Add asymmetric sigmoid normalization to CDat and Normalizer
Curtis Huttenhower
Update VW build (mainly Windows), make some unavoidable header changes
Add Vowpal Wabbit skeleton tool and Linux build
Curtis Huttenhower
Fix (hopefully!) bizarre hg branching problem
Curtis Huttenhower
Add incident-only and random scramble options to Answerer
initial stable verion for hut3
Curtis Huttenhower
Add full meta-analytic CDat combination to Combiner
Add AUCn scoring to DChecker (AUC for first n negatives)
Add per-gene weights to HEFalMp/bioPIXIE queries in CDat
Fix a documentation typo in the 2.1 release notes
Fix typo in CGenes::Open
Update documentation for v2.1
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