YOUNG-SUK LEE committed e388976

temporary ruby script to create bin files

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+require 'pp'
+tool_dirs = Dir.glob("tools/*/")
+tools ={|dir| [dir.split("/")[-1], dir] }
+tools.each do |tool, dir|
+#  pp Dir.pwd+dir
+#  pp tool
+  `ln -s #{Dir.pwd}/#{dir}/#{tool} bin/#{tool}`
          elif test "x$with_libsvm" != "xno"; then
            qualify_path with_libsvm
-           LOCAL_CHECK_APPEND_PATHS([$with_libsvm], [. include], [svm.h], [LIBSVM_INCLUDE_DIR], [libsvm_state=warn])
+           LOCAL_CHECK_APPEND_PATHS([$with_libsvm], [. include], [libsvm/svm.h], [LIBSVM_INCLUDE_DIR], [libsvm_state=warn])
            LOCAL_CHECK_APPEND_PATHS([$with_libsvm], [. lib], [liblibsvm.a], [LIBSVM_LIB_DIR], [libsvm_state=warn])
         [],                                                       dnl requested without
          #include <sys/types.h>
-         #include "svm.h"],
+         #include "libsvm/svm.h"],
 ## LOCAL_CHECK_LIB(1 lib name, 2 local name, 3 function,
 if test "x$libsvm_state" = "xwarn"; then
   cat << EOF
 ** WARNING: The path to LibSVM may be incorrect.
-I looked for  libsvm.a and did not
-find. NOTE: You may need to make liblibsvm.a.
+I looked for  liblibsvm.a and did not
+find.  You may need to make liblibsvm.a.
-ar rcs liblibsvm.a *.o
+ar rcs liblibsvm.a libsvm/*.o
 See the README.
   extern "C" {
 #define class Class2
-#include <svm.h>
+#include <libsvm/svm.h>
 #undef class
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