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Issue #15 resolved

--with-boost option broken in sleipnir configure

Qian Zhu
created an issue

I installed boost in custom directory. Configure "--with-boost" option was able to find boost files, but at the end shows that boost is "not found".

checking for strtol... yes checking for gengetopt... /usr/bin/gengetopt looking for boost/graph/graphviz.hpp... found /home/qzhu/boost_lib/include/boost/graph/graphviz.hpp looking for libboost_graph.a... found /home/qzhu/boost_lib/lib/libboost_graph.a looking for libboost_regex.a... found /home/qzhu/boost_lib/lib/libboost_regex.a

Used for library and tools: log4cpp = stub SMILE = not found SVM Perf = not found Vowpal Wabbit = no pthread = found installed Used for tools: boost graph, regex = not found readline = found installed gengetopt = /usr/bin/gengetopt

If I installed boost through ubuntu packages, configure was able to detect boost without using "--with-boost" flag. But user should be able to specify boost library through "--with-boost".