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sleipnir / tools / MIed / MIed.ggo

package	"MIed"
version	"1.0"
purpose	"A Dab data set pairwise mutual information calculator."

section "Main"
option "output"		o 	"Output file"		string  typestr="filename"  no

section "Optional"
option	"verbosity"	v	"Message verbosity"
						int	default="5"
option	"random"	r	"Seed random generator"
						int	default="0"
option	"start"		S	"Process only the starting at dataset index"
						int	default="-1"
option	"end"		E	"Process only up to this ending dataset index"
						int	default="-1"
option	"union"		u	"Use the union genes of two datasets while assign missing values randomly"
						flag	off
option  "directory"     d       "input directory"
                                                string  typestr="directory"
option  "datasets"      f       "Calculate MI for datasets in given file against all datasets"
                                                string  typestr="file"
option	"zeros"		Z	"Read zeroed node IDs/outputs from the given file"
						string	typestr="filename"
option	"edges"		e	"Process only edges from the given DAT/DAB"
						string	typestr="filename"