1. Herbert Breunung
  2. App::GUI::Docular


    App::Docular - crossplatform, class based doc browser

        > docular   # just start from command line

    mainly designed for WxPerl documentation

TODO for 0.1
    * change methods, events and const display when class is selected
    * change explanation, when changing selected methods, events or const
    * fully cpan installable
    * some tests

  Planned Features
    * alphabetical and categorical ordering of classes
    * methods, events and constants in own boxes, optionally with parent classes
    * linked pages, navigation like in browser
    * additional linked introduction and overview texts
    * search (text based, in keywords, classes, methods, events, constant, function)
    * advanced copy and paste support
    * bookmarks


    OS: Linux, Mac and Win32 (Basically same es the module named Wx.)  
    Perl: >= 5.6        

    * Herbert Breunung <lichtkind@cpan.org> (main author)

    This Copyright applies only to the "WxDocular" Perl software distribution, not 
    the icons bundled within.
    Copyright 2010 Herbert Breunung. All rights reserved.
    This program is free software, licensed under the GNU GPL as you can see in
    the LICENSE file in same directory or under http://www.gnu.org/licenses/