App::Harmonograph / lib / localisation.yaml

  all: All
  amount: Amount
  ask_another_name: 'Please select another name or delete the other memory first.'
  ask_for_a_name: 'Remember under which name ?'
  color: Color
  density: Density
  line: Line
  flow: Flow
  forget: Forget
  frequency: Frequency
  friction: Friction
  left: Left
  length: Length
  no: 'No'
  oscillators: Oscillators
  remember: Remember
  right: Right
  rotation: Rotation
  save: 'Save'
  save_all_under: 'Save All Remebered as JPG Files in Directory ...'
  save_under: 'Save Picture as JPG File under ...'
  scale: Scale
  start: Start
  start_amp: 'Starting Amplitude'
  thickness: Thickness
  visuals: Visuals
  y_inverse: 'Y - Inverse Direction'
  zoom: Zoom
  all: Alle
  amount: Betrag
  ask_another_name: 'Bitte anderen Namen waehlen, oder Vorhandenes vorher loeschen.'
  ask_for_a_name: 'Unter welchem Namen merken ?'
  color: Farbe
  density: Dichte
  line: Linie
  flow: Verlauf
  forget: Vergiss
  frequency: Frequenz
  friction: Reibung
  left: Links
  length: Laenge
  thickness: Dicke
  no: Keine
  oscillators: Oszillatoren
  remember: Merke
  right: Rechts
  rotation: Rotation
  save: 'Speichern'
  save_all_under: 'Speicher alle Gemerkten als JPG im Verzeichnis ...'
  save_under: 'Speichere Bild als JPG Datei unter ...'
  scale: Skala
  start: Start
  start_amp: Startamplitude
  visuals: Optik
  y_inverse: 'Y - Richtung invers'
  zoom: Zoom
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