Kephra / lib /

use v5.12;
use warnings;

package Kephra;
        our $NAME = __PACKAGE__;
        our $VERSION = 'sp1';

package Kephra::App;
use Wx;
use Kephra::API;
use Kephra::App::Bar::Document;
use Kephra::App::Dialog;
use Kephra::App::Editor;
use Kephra::App::Frame;
use Kephra::Log;
use Kephra::File;
use base qw(Wx::App);
our $_ref;

sub OnInit {
        my $app  = $_ref = shift;
        my $win = Kephra::App::Frame->new( 'DBD - docbar demo' );
        my $db = Kephra::App::Bar::Document->new($win);

        Kephra::API::focus( Kephra::API::document()->panel );
        my $doc = Kephra::API::document();


package main;
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