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 =head1 Kephra Philosophy
-=head2  Principles
+=head2  Main Principle
-=over 4
+Is simply freedom. Because even programmer are a human beeings first
+and inherently want to feel free, joyful and creative (productive).
-=item * easy to use
+And you are not free if it doesnt run on your operating system,
+is gigantic in proportions, slow, has a lot dependencies
+or can't just be copied around.
-=item * more power with less effort
+The usage is crippled if important features are missing or
+you have to use or learn something you don't want to.
-=item * automate everything
+The expert feels free with powerful tools at his fingertips
+and the beginner is glad to do his stuff
+by typing, cursor and pointing at things he can see.
+And often he wants also soft path to become an expert.
-=item * extensible on many levels
+A special kind of you arises, when you disable all you don't like,
+and add thinks you do like.
-=item * full introspection
+Freedom also means not to get stuck in old ways,
+but discover alwas better solutions.
-=item * all parts work together
+The full joy can only msnifest if its pleasant to look at. 
-=item * beautiful in all details
+=head2  Strategies
+=head3 Simple
+=head3 Complete
-=head2  Explanation
+=head3 Extensible
+=head2  Details
 The main idea is verly perlish:
 be friendly to the starter and the expert at same time and build
 and a tool they spend so much time with should look and behave exactly
 how they prefer for maximal joy and productivity.
 Even thatswhy every feature should be optional, configurable and extendible.
 But there has to be a common ground - some simple rules,
 that can guide you everywhere so you need much less documentation.
 We dont try push every function into plugins but tend more towards a thicker
 Because there is nowhere a platform you seriously can build upon the perfect editor,
 sensible tradeoffs are unavoidable.
+=head2  Goals
+=over 4
+=item * easy to use
+=item * all basic tools included
+=item * more power with less effort
+=item * can automate everything
+=item * extensible on many levels
+=item * full introspection
+=item * all parts work together
+=item * beautiful in all details
 =head2  Strategies