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File lib/Kephra/

-use v5.10;
-use strict;
+use v5.12;
 use warnings;
 use File::Spec;
-use Kephra::App::Dialog;
 use Kephra::File::Local;
 package Kephra::File;

File lib/Kephra/Philosophy.pod

 =head1 Kephra Philosophy
 =head2  Main Principle
 Is simply freedom. Because even programmer are a human beeings first
 is gigantic in proportions, slow, has a lot dependencies
 or can't just be copied around.
-The usage is crippled if important features are missing or
+The usage is also crippled if important features are missing or
 you have to use or learn something you don't want to.
-The expert feels free with powerful tools at his fingertips
-and the beginner is glad to do his stuff
-by typing, cursor and pointing at things he can see.
-And often he wants also soft path to become an expert.
-A special kind of you arises, when you disable all you don't like,
-and add thinks you do like.
+The beginner is glad to do his stuff by simple methods like
+typing, cursor and pointing at things he can see.
+But experts can only feel free with powerful tools at their fingertips,
+that might even change the fabric of the software itself.
+And for the beginner again has to exist an approachable path
+to become an expert.
 Freedom also means not to get stuck in old ways,
-but discover alwas better solutions.
+but discover alwas better solutions and not being afraid to change things.
-The full joy can only msnifest if its pleasant to look at. 
+The full delight can only manifest if it's pleasant to look at. 
 =head2  Strategies
 =head3 Simple
+Aiming toward less code and only necessary functions is first the first rule
+vor several reasons. Yes it is the basis for a fast, small, clean
+and maintainable program. But also the only option since our dev team
+is frankly basically me.
 =head3 Complete
+Even if its tempting to fulfill many needs with very low effort,
+we don't want to open many construction zones. Working at one problem at a time
+enables us to see it from many angles and be more creative with the solution.
+That will fit better with all other details and can be left untouched till
+several pressing needs push us in the right direction for the next level.
+Most of the time the program will appeal much more mature.
+=head3 Integrated
+=head3 Beautiful
+free software
+=head3 License
 =head3 Extensible
+=head3 meta
+=head3 integrated
 =head2  Details