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playing with filebrowser

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 sub get {
     my $bar = Wx::MenuBar->new();
     my $file_menu = Wx::Menu->new();
-    my $mi = $file_menu->Append( 1000, "New      Ctrl + N");
+    my $mi = $file_menu->Append( 1000, "New\tCtrl+N");
     $file_menu->Append( 1001, "Open    Ctrl + O");
     $file_menu->Append( 1002, "Save      Ctrl + S");


     my ($ep, @which) = @_;
-            [&Wx::wxACCEL_CTRL, ord 'n', 1000],
+            #[&Wx::wxACCEL_CTRL, ord 'n', 1000],
     #$ep->SetAcceleratorTable( Wx::AcceleratorTable->new() );
     #Wx::Event::EVT_MENU( $ep, 1000, sub { $_[1]->Skip; } );


 use strict;
 use warnings;
-use Cwd;
-use File::Find;
 package Kephra::App::Panel::FileBrowser;
 our @ISA = 'Wx::ListCtrl';
+use Cwd;
+use File::Find;
 sub new {
     my( $class, $parent) = @_;
         my ($fb, $event) = @_;
         my $lib =  Cwd::cwd() . '/lib/'. $event->GetText . '.pm';
         $lib =~ s|::|/|g;
-        print "$lib\n";
+        print "$lib\n" if -e $lib;
     } );
     return $fb;
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