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 component     position            key    purpose
 ToolBar       top 1
 TabBar        top 2
 SearchBar     below 1
-SearchPanel   below 2
+EditPanel     below 2
-Output        below Search*
+Output        below Search
-InputLine     below Output
+InputRow      below Output (both build the IOUnit)
 StatusLine    below Input


+=head1 Kephra Coding Style


 =over 2
-=item * simple (linear)
+=item * simple (almost linear)
 =item * no extras (Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate, Patchlevel)
   Revision . Stable . Testing . Development
-=head3 Revision
+=head3 Development
+Development number is changed after every important commit.
+Normally after every day of development.
+Development releases come with no warranty whatsoever.
+=head3 Testing
 =head3 Stable
-=head3 Testing
-=head3 Development
+=head3 Revision
 =head2 What Changed?