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 =over 4
-=item * full intospection
+=item * easy to use
-=item * parts serve metapurposes and work together
+=item * more power with less effort
+=item * automate everything
+=item * extensible on many levels
+=item * full introspection
+=item * all parts work together
+=item * beautiful in all details
-=head2  Interdependency Of Core Modules
-=head2  Modules vs Objects
+=head2  Short Explanation
-=head2  Boot Stages
-Just using the fact that when modules are loded (after the fork)
-there main code (outside the sub) is run. At this time we create the
-basic command list and the definition which module gets which part of
-the global config (actual loading happens later).
-=head2  Worker Fork
+=head2  Long Explanation
+I started from the awareness that one editor was missing features,
+another was too klunky, ugly here, unorganized UI there, slow,
+painful key bindings, ... So lets start another half baked project, right?
+Because there is nowhere a platform you seriously can build upon the perfect editor,
+sensible tradeoffs are unavoidable.
+=head2  Strategies
+=head3  TIMTOWTDI
+=head3  Plugins
+ (no pluganization)
 =head2  Why Perl