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 =over 4
 =item Every action has a productive and lasting (yet changable) result.
-=item All code, data and metadata forms one project and goes into one repository.
+=item Honest and brief communication is key.
+=item All code, data and metadata form one project and go into one repository.
 =item They are all equally important.
-=item Don't plan new feature, document it and what is needed to implement it.
-=item New low level functionalities are developed and optimized in a prototype.
-=item User level features too.
+=item Don't plan new feature, document it from users point.
+=item just annotate technical requirements.
+=item these low level functionalities are testet first in a prototype.
+=item Than follows a usability prototype.
 =item When implementing a feature, envision and do all aspects at once.
 =item Only after something went into the main programm a test is needed. 
 =item We rely heavily on branches and decentral version control systems.