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CP: tests on end of more phases

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 to rethink the code one last time from a logical and technical perspective.
 All the other issues were already solved and we are now free to give special
 attention to the corner cases we may have overlooked so far. Yet another case of
-getting better results with less effort in CP.
+getting better results with less effort in CP. Test are written the last phase
+of writing a functional/use case prototype and feature branch.
 One point that is still experimental, but worth considering - putting the tests
 into the code in the same file as the code it tests. The test suite will then be
 =head1 End Goal
+This documents describes an ideal editor Kephra tries to come as close as
+humanly and technically possible.
 full dynamic introspection (highlighting and other services are based
 on 100% behaviour of the language)
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