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 =head1 Complete Programming
-This document describes the method Kephra is developed with.
+This document describes the method the Kephra editor is developed with.
 Its highest aim is to have at all times a usable program with the
 highest quality at all levels while still letting programming be fun.
-I hate strict rules or when people tell me what to do and I make fun of them
-when they produce wild theories with three letter acronyms that try to be
-the answer to everything. But now I am standing here, trying to "sell" you
-yet another programming methodology. That irony, isn't it?
+I strongly dislike strict rules imposed on me and made fun of people that
+produce theories with three letter acronyms that try to be the answer to everything.
+But now I am standing here, trying to "sell" you yet another programming methodology.
+That IS irony, isn't it?
 =head2 Rational
-Well, several reasons brought me there.
+Well, several reasons brought me here.
 1.) All methodologies I know of overlook several aspects of the product.
     That includes even "documentation driven development",
     which gave important impulses for the creation of CP.
 2.) I always wanted a sane balance between the old bureaucratic waterfall method
-    and the way too shortsighted, modern extreme or agile programming.
+    and a bit too shortsighted, modern extreme or agile programming, combining
+    sound planning and practicability.
 =head2 Main Goal
-Highest aim is the overall user experience as well as the quality of the code. 
-This means not only (almost) no bugs and good documentation,
-but also a coherent, consistent application that is a joy to use.
+Highest aim is the conscience the code is produced with. A superb overall
+user experience as well as good code quality should be result of it. 
 =head2 Phases of Development
 =head3 Defining Task
+Documentation (user, programmer, comments)
 =head3 Early Development
 =head3 Normal Development
-=head3 Maintainance
+=head3 Maintenance

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 use Kephra::API::Command;
 use Kephra::API::DocumentStash;
 use Kephra::API::Event;
-use Kephra::API::GuiBuilder;
+#use Kephra::API::GuiBuilder;
 use Kephra::API::KeyMap;
-#use Kephra::API::Macro;
+#use Kephra::API::MacroRecorder;
 #use Kephra::API::Plugin;
 #use Kephra::API::Sandrum;