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documenting the API module

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File lib/Kephra/API.pm

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 use Kephra::Log;
 use Kephra::PluginRegistrar;
 use Kephra::SandrumInterpreter;
+use Kephra::Worker;
 package Kephra::API;
 my $VERSION = 0.1;

File lib/Kephra/Internals.pod

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 =head1 API
+The module Kephra::API is the best starting point to understand the inner workings.
+It's one design goal and purpose of this file, because it gives an overview of
+all important functions and values and shows where they originate. From here
+you can step to the other major interfaces that can be seen in the first lines.
+But more vitally it decouples cross module calls and allows to change things
+under the hood. As long as the first version number (see L<Versioning>)
+does not change, nothing will be removed from the API.
+=head1 CommandList
+=head1 KeyMap
+=head1 EventTable
 =head1 Glossary

File lib/Kephra/Versioning.pod

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   Revision . Stable . Testing . Development
+Trailing zeros can be omited - 0.5 is the same as
 =head3 Development
 Development number is changed after every important commit.
 Stable releases should have a polished interface and no bugs.
 If one appears in 0.3 it will be fixed ASAP with a.s.o.
 During a time window before releasing a stable version,
 all new features will go into a new branch, which will become 0.3.1.
 The next testing should be released soon after the stable is out.
 Has the word vision in it. When I got my initial vision we are at 1.0.
 If I have a new one after that or we change a fundamental technology
-there is gonna be a 2.0. 
-Or in case we just want to break backward compatibelity of the Kephra::API.
+there is gonna be a 2.0.
+Or in case we just want to break backward compatibility of the Kephra::API,
+it is a signal to all Plugin authors, they have to adapt.
 =head2 What Changed?

File lib/Kephra/Worker.pm

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+use strict;
+use warnings;
+package Kephra::Worker;
+# create a new worker
+sub spawn {}
+sub create_job {}
+sub get_result {}

File lib/Kephra/Works.pm

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-use strict;
-use warnings;
-package Kephra::Works;
-# create a new worker
-sub spawn {}
-sub create_job {}
-sub get_result {}