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ext without bad focus warning

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 use Kephra::File;
 package Kephra::Document;
-use Moo; 
+use Moo;
 use Scalar::Util qw(blessed);
 my $max_title_width = 15;


  'file-close-other'=>{sub=> 'close_other',  label=> 'Close Other',keys=> 'ctrl+shift+q'},
  'file-close-all'  =>{sub=> 'close_all',    label=> 'Close All',  keys=> 'ctrl+alt+q'},
+use Scalar::Util qw(blessed);
 sub normalize_path {
 	my $file = shift;
 	return unless defined $file and $file;
-	Kephra::API::focus($active_bar->GetSelection);
+	Kephra::API::focus($active_bar->GetSelection)
+		if blessed($active_bar) and $active_bar->GetSelection;
 sub close_active { Kephra::File::close( Kephra::API::document() )}
 sub close_all    { Kephra::File::close( Kephra::API::all_documents() ) }
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