Herbert Breunung avatar Herbert Breunung committed f99b3f5

polished sed and set spaces sizing better under mac

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 sub set_tab_size {
-	my ($self, $size) = @_;
+	my ($self, $size) = @_;
+	$size *= 2 if $^O eq 'darwin';
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Binary file removed.

 use Encode::Guess;
 use Kephra::App::Editor;
-our $file;
+our $file = __FILE__;
 our $encoding;
 sub OnInit {
         my $app   = shift;
-        my $frame = Wx::Frame->new( undef, -1, __PACKAGE__ . 'Kephra xp testbed');
+        my $frame = Wx::Frame->new( undef, -1, __PACKAGE__ . 'Kephra xp testbed', [-1,-1], [1000,800]);
         my $ed = Kephra::App::Editor->new($frame, -1);
         Wx::Window::SetFocus( $ed );
                 else { $event->Skip }
-        $frame->Show(1);
+		$ed->SetText( read_file($file) );
+        $frame->Center();
+        $frame->Show(1);
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