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simplify app splitter

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File lib/Kephra/API.pm

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 use strict;
 use warnings;
 use Carp;
+use Kephra::App::Focus;
 use Kephra::App::Window;
-use Kephra::App::Focus;
 use Kephra::Config;
 use Kephra::CommandList;
 use Kephra::DocumentStash;

File lib/Kephra/App/Splitter.pm

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 package Kephra::App::Splitter;
 our @ISA = 'Wx::SplitterWindow';
-my $is_widget = Kephra::App::Util::get('is_widget');
 sub new {
-	my( $class, $parent, $children) = @_;
-	$parent = Kephra::API::widget('main_window')
-		unless defined $parent and $is_widget->($parent);
-	my $self = $class->SUPER::new( $parent );
+	my $class = shift;
+	my $parent = shift;
+	my $self = $class->SUPER::new( $parent);
+	my $children = @_;

File lib/Kephra/Internals.pod

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 * Kephra::App
+module that handles boot and shutdown sequence
 namespace of all the Wx-GUI-related stuff, all visible parts
-module that handles boot and shutdown sequence
+Kephra::App::* contains the more lower level stuff and 
+Kephra::App::*::* the higher level components
 * Kephra::App::Dialog
 * Kephra::App::Window
+main frame/window and main layout of the app
+holds all the Kephra::App::Part s and Bars
 * Kephra::Config