Kephra / lib / Kephra / Config / File /

use v5.10;
use strict;
use warnings;
use Cwd;
use FindBin;

package Kephra::Config::File::Location;
my $base_path = $Kephra::MODE eq 'test'
	? Cwd::cwd()
	: File::UserConfig->configdir( dist => $Kephra::NAME );


sub init {
	#say Cwd::cwd();
	#say Kephra::configdir();
	#say $base_path;
	#my $path = File::Spec->catfile(Cwd::cwd(), __FILE__);
	#say rindex($path, 'Kephra'
	#my $base_madule_name = (split '::', __PACKAGE__)[0];
	#say $FindBin::Bin;
	#say File::Spec->catfile(Cwd::cwd(), __FILE__) if -e $path;
	#say File::UserConfig->configdir('Kephra');
	#say File::HomeDir->my_home;

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