1. Herbert Breunung
  2. Kephra


Kephra / README.txt

This is the functional prototype branch of Kephra XP

That means here are just little, single file programs that test if certain
low level functionalities can work and if yes how. They have no dependencies,
except third party libs (core or CPAN) The full program is in the main branch.
More details about our development model are at doc/CompleteProgramming.pod
in the sp3 branch

status of prototypes in /lib

R = ready          I = in progress         D = dummy (planned)

doubleview    R    two parallel views on one WX::STC instance, both change no matter which you edit
ed            R    simplest utf safe editor based on STC
filebrowser     D  list and change dir via click
findlib       RI   list all local Kephra repos
fork            D  inter fork communication
gethighlight    D  read coloring information from STC
hglist          D  display status of my hg repos
inlinexpm     R    read icon bitmap from inlined data
paintbar        D  toolbar with full artistic freedom
print           D  (colour) printing demo
searched        D  simple STC editor with self made search and replace
shellio        I   talk async to the shell via two STC and ProcessStream
sidebar         D  custom toolbar with upright text labels
snippets        D  editor with a DND snippet lib
statusbar       D  custom status bar with self made text and bitmap labels