Kephra / lib /

# See end of file for docs
use v5.6;
use strict;
use warnings;

package Kephra;
our $NAME     = __PACKAGE__;    # name of entire application
our $VERSION  = '';      # version of ..

our @external_dependencies = (
	qw/Benchmark Encode Encode::Guess Cwd/,
	qw/File::Find File::Spec File::UserConfig Config::General YAML/,
	qw/PPI Moo/,
	qw/Wx Wx::STC Wx::Perl::ProcessStream/, # Wx::Scintilla Wx::STC
our @used_wx_modules = qw/Wx::AUI Wx::DND Wx::RichText/; # Wx::STC Wx::HTML

our @needed_at_first = qw/App API/;
our @starttime_loaded_modules = qw/
	App App::Util API Config Config::Default Config::File
	Document DocumentStash CommandList Edit EventTable 
	File KeyMap PluginRegistrar SanddrumInterpreter Works/;
our @runtime_loaded_namespaces =
	qw/App::Dialog Config::Default/;

our @command_modules = 
	qw/App App::Panel::Editor App::Panel::FileBrowser App::Panel::IOUnit
	App::Panel::OrgPad App::Panel::ProjectManager App::Panel::SratchSheet
	App::Panel::TextLab App::Panel::TreeLib
	CommandList Config 
	Edit File EventTable KeyMap PluginRegistrar SanddrumInterpreter/;
our @oop_interfaces = 
	qw/App::Editor App::Panel App::Splitter App::SidePanelController 
	   App::Bar::Document Document/;

sub start {

sub load_libs {
	my $pkg = __PACKAGE__;
	eval 'require ' . $_ for @external_dependencies, @used_wx_modules;
	require Kephra::App;
	#$require_string .= $pkg . '::'; eval $require_string . $_ for @needed_at_first;

sub start_worker_thread {

sub configdir {
	$_[0] and $_[0] eq $NAME and shift;
	#print File::UserConfig->configdir(@_);

sub debug {
	#Wx->import( ':everything' );



=head1 NAME

Kephra - fresh and beautiful text editor that works as you prefer


just start it with some files already open

    kephra file name ....

=head1 User Documentation


just follow L<Kephra::API>.

=head1 AUTHOR

Herbert Breunung, C<< <lichtkind at> >>

=head1 BUGS

Please report any bugs or feature requests to C<bug-kephra at>, or through
the web interface at L<>.  I will be notified, and then you'll
automatically be notified of progress on your bug as I make changes.

=head1 SUPPORT

You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

	perldoc Kephra

You can also look for information at:

=over 2

=item * HG Source Archive


=item * Homepage


=item * RT: CPAN's request tracker (report bugs here)


=item * AnnoCPAN: Annotated CPAN documentation


=item * CPAN Ratings


=item * Search CPAN




=over 2

=item * Herbert Breunung E<lt>lichtkind@cpan.orgE<gt> (main author and design lead)



Copyright 2011 Herbert Breunung.

This program is released under the license: gpl v2

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