1. Herbert Breunung
  2. Kephra


Kephra / lib / index.pod

R = ready          I = in progress           D = dummy (planned)

doubleview    R    2 parralel widgets display same Wx::STC instance, no matter on which side you edit
ed            R    simplest utf safe editor possible
filebrowser     D  list and chang a dir
findlib       RI   list all base dir where Kephra versions are
fork            D  inter fork communication
gethighlight    D  read out colouring from STC 
hglist          D  show status of all my hg repos
inlinexpm     R    read icon data from a variable
paintbar        D  toolbar with full artistic freedom
searched        D  simple editor with self made find replace and marking 
shellio        I   talk to shell via 2 textctrl (IOUnit)
sidebar         D  bar with upright text icons
snippets        D  editor with a DND snippet lib
statusbar       D  staus bar with selfmade text and icon cells