Kephra / lib / Kephra / App /

use v5.10;
use strict;
use warnings;
use Wx;
use Kephra::API;

package Kephra::App::Focus;

my @focus_stack = ();

sub get { $focus_stack[0] }

sub set {
	my ($widget) = @_;
	print scalar @focus_stack, " $widget --\n";
	return Kephra::Log::warning( "got no proper widget ($widget) from ". (caller)[0] )
		unless Kephra::App::Util::is_widget($widget);
	return Kephra::Log::warning( "$widget is already in focus") if get() and $widget eq get();
	unshift @focus_stack, $widget;
sub set_back {
	my ($times) = shift // 1;
	for (1 .. $times) { shift @focus_stack if @focus_stack > 1 }

sub stay { Wx::Window::SetFocus( get() ) }

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