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-authors preface
+Overview - How to use that book
-* How to use that book.
+This text will teach a little WxPerl.
+In fact it wants to teach as much as possible.
+And it does in an ordered manner,
+so you can find what your need as fast as possible.
+Each chapter is committed to specific topic
+and you can look up at its beginning what exactly to find where.
+For other kind of searches there are several indexes.
-This book will teach a little WxPerl. What more words could I use
-to prolong the waiting before the kids (meaning you) can unwrap their
-new toy and to write something colorful and shiny?
-If you want to rip the wrapping paper immediately,
-skip to the "Foundations" chapter "Minimal Subset"
-and jump after it to the "Advanced Topic" "XRC". 
-This way you can create simple graphics almost without much programming.
+If your completely new to WxPerl,
+I recommend the first chapter,
+which teaches you the basics: a helpful mindset
+and a minimal subset of knowledge you need to find summaries,
+like WxPerlTablet useful.
-But if you want to fully understand WxPerl, take the long route. And you really
-don't have to read all at once to be productive. 
-0 Preparations
-1 Foundations
-2 Building An App
-start with the chapter number two. And if you never did any C++ or care about
-the overall style the Wx API is written in - better start with chapter one,
-it will become a lot easier, since WxPerl is sometimes just a thin layer above
-this Framework written in C++. You even might want to read the rather longish
-foreword, to find out how I got there writing this and where I'm heading with it.
+And if you're just looking for the fasted way to get a task done,
+you maybe just want to skip to the "advanced topic" ad chapter
+named C<XRC> and create your not too complicated GUI with mouse clicks.


-Wx Rules
+WxWidgets Rules
+* Object is almost everything
+* Positional Parameters
+* Named Constants
+* Return Values
 classes classes classes


-A Beatiful Start
+Minimal Start
+use strict;
+ has several bad habits 
+no defined return value
+App->new->MainLoop; should be at the an in package main


  a Navigation - How to use that Book
  b Introduction - Prehistory and Goals
- c Installation - All OS
+ c Installation - on
  d Documentation - Whats Where?
  e Rules And Terms - Of The Wx API
  f Popup 
  g Text Intput
  h Selfmade Dialogs
- i Packaging
+ i Third Party Extentions
+ j Packaging
 IV Advanced Topics
  f HTML - Format GUI with HTML 
  g XRC - XML GUI Definitions
  h DC - Drawing and Printing
- i Third Party Extentions
+ i Making Own Extentions