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rewrote overview (and did split in previous commit intro into preface(my way) and intro(wx theory))

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 These pages contain as much knowledge about WxPerl as I could get.
-It is told like a story to being boring
+And its mostly told like a story, because it should't be boring.
-And it does in an ordered manner,
-so you can find what your need as fast as possible.
-Each chapter is committed to specific topic
-and you can look up at its beginning what exactly to find where.
-For other kind of searches there are several indexes.
+But to be also useful for people who look for a bit of information
+or a working code snippet, everything has its place. So if you have
+e.g. a Question about event handling - just look into chapter 2f.
+Under the headline you will see a table of the forthcoming content.
+Because thats not enough I added several indices. The hypertext
+version will you serve much better here. And because there is still
+a better way, the main app built during the chapters of the third
+part is a documentation viewer that tailored to search and display
+in classes organized documentation.
-If your completely new to WxPerl,
-I recommend the first chapter,
-which teaches you the basics: a helpful mindset
-and a minimal subset of knowledge you need to find summaries,
-like WxPerlTablet useful.
-And if you're just looking for the fasted way to get a task done,
-you maybe just want to skip to the "advanced topic" ad chapter
-named C<XRC> and create your not too complicated GUI with mouse clicks.
+And there might be third kind of seeker who just wants to get started
+fast and learn as little as possible. Those should skim over chapter 1f -
+rules of the Wx API. Than the should carefully 2a - the fast ramp to an
+running application and check 4g. There you learn how to use a graphical
+GUI builder that does the rest.