WxPerlBook / chapter / 1a_overview.txt

Overview - How to use that book

These pages contain as much knowledge about WxPerl as I could get.
It is told like a story to being boring

And it does in an ordered manner,
so you can find what your need as fast as possible.
Each chapter is committed to specific topic
and you can look up at its beginning what exactly to find where.
For other kind of searches there are several indexes.

If your completely new to WxPerl,
I recommend the first chapter,
which teaches you the basics: a helpful mindset
and a minimal subset of knowledge you need to find summaries,
like WxPerlTablet useful.

And if you're just looking for the fasted way to get a task done,
you maybe just want to skip to the "advanced topic" ad chapter
named C<XRC> and create your not too complicated GUI with mouse clicks.
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