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looking forward

* the prehistory and goal of these pages

These are the very first lines of my first book, but WxPerl always led my path.
It led me to Perl somewhere around 2002/2003 when I did research in which language
I should write the slickest editor of all. It only started with the attempt to
write a plugin for my favourite HTML-editor, but thats another story.
I needed professional visuals across the big platforms and a solid feature set.
WxWindows (it is still before the rename) was my friend because its free and had
with Wx::STC aka Scintilla a better edit component than the otherwise also
appealing QT, which was then less free under Windows.
Afterwards I learned how nice in comparison the community was that I have chosen.

But Wx is written in C++ and I wanted to use something slightly more high level,
since no contributors where in sight. The Ruby bindings looked a bit shaky so it
became a race between Perl and Python. And at this time I had not much clue what
I was reading about. I only recognized how witty and inspired Larry was and Guido
appeared much more soothing to put it mildly. I was full of enthusiasm to find
the astonishing world of Perl. Years later it turned out that this were the right
criteria to judge not only the fun factor of a language. At least it worked for me.
Years later I also found out: when I was rushing toward Perl,
to many other it became uncool. What a satisfaction not to be mainstream.