WxPerlBook / chapter / 1a_overview.txt

Overview - How to use that book

These pages contain as much knowledge about WxPerl as I could get.
And its mostly told like a story, because it should't be boring.

But to be also useful for people who look for a bit of information
or a working code snippet, everything has its place. So if you have
e.g. a Question about event handling - just look into chapter 2f.
Under the headline you will see a table of the forthcoming content.
Because thats not enough I added several indices. The hypertext
version will you serve much better here. And because there is still
a better way, the main app built during the chapters of the third
part is a documentation viewer that tailored to search and display
in classes organized documentation.

And there might be third kind of seeker who just wants to get started
fast and learn as little as possible. Those should skim over chapter 1f -
rules of the Wx API. Than the should carefully 2a - the fast ramp to an
running application and check 4g. There you learn how to use a graphical
GUI builder that does the rest.