7/10/04: USAGE: mpirun -np 2 sdftool sdfinput.dat

Documentation:  Commands

Generate Gaussian:
Generates a gaussian in three dimensions.
Command: gen
Argumants: filename, register, nx, ny, nz, x-length, y-length, z-length, start time, end time, dt, amplitude

This command will output a specified register
Command: output
Arguments: register

Reads an SDF file into a specified register
Command: read
Arguments: filename, register

Register Dump
Dumps all information about a register and its trees, levels and grids
Command: regdump
Arguments: register

Ends input
Command: end
Arguments: none

Example: This is a file that will generate a gaussian, perform a register dump and output the register with the gaussian:

gen                              ! command
 test1                           ! filename
 65                              ! nx
 65                              ! ny
 65                              ! nz
 1.0                             ! x-len
 1.0                             ! y-len
 1.0                             ! z-len
 1.0                             ! start time
 2.0                             ! end time
 1.0                             ! dt
 1.0                             ! amp
 1                               ! register number
regdump                          ! command
 1 	  	     		 ! register number
output                           ! command
 1                               ! register number