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Software Developer at LifeQ

Date: March 2021

A Software Developer in the Platform team

Elixir, PETAL, Postgres, AWS

We have a number of Elixir projects at the heart of our platform solutions. Some have been in production for over 5 years but we regularly start new projects as some need or opportunity arises in our ecosystem. We are seeking to expand our team by adding another experienced developer that enjoys solving complex problems using Elixir.

LifeQ solutions are aimed towards empowering individuals to have better insight into their own health and physiology. We build industry-leading technology and partner with influential international corporations to bring our solutions to their customers at scale.

Job Description

Plan, execute and manage projects that expand the LifeQ Platform by reducing any friction, enhancing reusability, security and performance. You will build APIs and occasional UIs. Our projects enable the effective integration with partners and different systems in our solutions. There is a lot of interaction with other LifeQ teams and with integration teams at various external companies. An ability to understand the goals and needs of different stakeholders and being able to adapt accordingly would be very valuable.

The ideal candidate will have a can-do attitude, a willingness to learn and an appreciation for distributed concurrency, data protection and beautiful code.

Some practical experience, knowledge of, or keen interest to learn more:

  • Functional programming, particularly using Elixir and Phoenix to build and deploy production systems (Elixir is a joy and fairly easy to pick up and be effective in for Ruby and Python developers once you wrap your head around thinking about transformations rather than objects - So if you have no exposure to Elixir, but a strong programming experience and keen to learn: let’s chat!)
  • Distributed, highly concurrent systems
  • RESTful API development and integration
  • Basic cryptography and security awareness (symmetric and asymmetric)
  • Web development stack (HTML, Javascript, CSS/SASS/SCSS, big bonus: PETAL)
  • AWS services
  • Postgres databases
  • Awareness of Data Protection regulations and best practices


  • Analyze requirements to produce specs that solve problems and address needs of current or future stakeholders
  • Craft high quality code to spec, with tests, and clear instructions for external quality validation
  • Give constructive feedback towards code and project improvement
  • Take ownership of projects, or sub projects throughout the development and production process
  • Monitor and maintain various production projects and deployment cycles
  • Write documentation and support customer integration
  • Take initiative to improve projects or processes

The individual that we are looking for should have

  • Degree in Biology, Philosophy, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or a related field, or equivalent industry experience.
  • 5+ years’ experience in software development - strong programming capabilities
  • Strong communication skills. Business level English reading and writing essential for engaging with partners and preparing documentation.
  • Be comfortable working in a dynamic, and fast-moving environment. We are a growing startup company in a cutting-edge industry and team members need to be comfortable keeping pace with the constantly evolving landscape.
  • Interpersonal skills required to collaborate within a team, as well as the competence and discipline to work independently. We design and problem solve together, but you will need to do individual research, planning and development.
  • Systems and critical thinking, self-learner, enjoys problem solving, dislike inefficiencies.

Job Specifics

Location: Office in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Remote friendly - with some occasional presence expected for workshops / events.

Travel: Potential once you can lead and guide some of the largest companies in the world to integrate with our systems.

Employment Type: A 30-day rolling contract with LifeQ USA (we have no South African entity)

Type of person: Critical thinking, strong in your domain and can engage and lead some of the largest most intimidating companies in the world

Working hours: Normal workweek – full time team member.

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