This is a repository of public LightSide plugins.

To add new feature-extraction, machine-learning, or analysis tools to the workbench, you'll want to write a plugin. This repository contains all the plugins currently included in the LightSide Researcher's Workbench. See the appendix in the Researcher's Manual for more information.


The LightSide Researcher's Workbench is an open-source text-mining tool released under the GNU General Public License. To download the latest public release, visit See copyright/gpl.txt for more information.

To build from source, use ant:

ant build

This will compile the plugins to a jar, and run a modest set of unit tests. Note that this build script presumes that the LightSide Workbench codebase is present in a sister directory ../lightside -- if you want to keep it somewhere else, you'll need to edit the lightside.location variable in the build.xml script.

Note that when you commit to the plugins repository on the "default" branch, the deploy hook will create a snapshot in the directory with the new plugins jar. However, it will not update the main Workbench distribution -- update the jar in the LightSide repository's default branch to do so.