Baby Bash XNA

A Baby Smash clone for the XNA Framework.


Since migrating from Codeplex, I have not been able to update the ClickOnce installer. I have no idea if the installer still works.


Download Installer

  • Babies and Toddlers bash the keyboard and see colourful shapes appear on the screen.
  • Encourages interaction on the computer.
  • Builds fine and gross motor skills in young children.
  • Supports mouse drawing.
  • Supports XBox 360 controller button bashing and analogue controls.
  • Configurable Baby Packages and customisable sounds and graphics.
  • Locks out Windows key and ALT + F4 to prevent harm to your computer (no responsibility taken for damage to keyboard!).
  • Anti-Mashing technology to dissuade bashing lots of keys at once.

Developers may be interested in the following: Threaded loading using Task Parallel Library. Exception handling framework. Customisation using a Baby Package XML file with your very own (or a friend's) sounds and graphics. Automated updates using ClickOnce.


Loading Screen Loading Screen

Before Children Start Playing Initial Screen

After Children Play Screen With Shapes

Baby Bash In Action! Baby Bash In Action