Issue #43 open

Inline scripts are not being minified

Jesse Meijer avatarJesse Meijer created an issue

Inline scripts are not being minified. It would be great if inline scripts where also minified.

Comments (4)

  1. limi7less

    thanks for the proposal. i already thought about this a while ago. the problem with inline minification would be performance problems unless caching is used. i will consider this again for the next version of minScript if i find a good solution.

  2. limi7less

    i was thinking more along the lines of creating a hash from either the ID passed to registerScript or the code (or both) and then storing the minified code for that hash inside the standard minScript cache. This would be almost the same logic which is used for external files. of course, putting pos_ready scripts inside external files would work as well, but creating a hash and storing the minified code inside the minScript cache would be a more consistent solution considering that external files already use this system

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