What is PYBB?

The main point in development of pybb is to build it so it could be easily integrated to existing django based site. This mean:

  • pybb does not provide features like user registration, password restoring. It does not provide authentication page. You should use your favorite application for such things. You can try well known django-registration or my own implementation Both applications contain install instruction in the distributive. The demo site use django-account.
  • all pybb stuff placed in one application which is called pybb
  • I'm trying to stay with KISS principle. At least in the beginning of pybb development. I mean that there are no threaded posts and there is only bbcode markup support and there is no multi-level nested categories.


How to install PYBB?

  • Firstly you have to install pybb. You have two ways: * Install pybb with easy_install or pip tools * Clone pybb repository from and place it in your project
  • Put pybb into settings.INSTALLED_APPS
  • Run python pybb_install or do following steps manually: * Find the static directory in the pybb source and copy or symlink static/pybb to %MEDIA_ROOT%/pybb * Create %MEDIA_ROOT%/pybb/avatars directory and chmod it (if that required)
  • Put django_granular_permissions into settings.INSTALLED_APPS (
  • Put include('pybb.urls')) into main project file
  • Do python syncdb
  • And do not forget to install some authentication application like django-registration or django-account. See info in the bottom of README

i18n support

PYBB support only english and russian translations now. You should enable django.middleware.locale.LocaleMiddleware to activate django locale autodetecting.

How to glue PYBB with account application?

  • For registration, login, logout links PYBB uses reverse and url template tag with names same to django-registration application. Django-account uses the same names too. This mean that if you want use one of these two application then all you need is to correctly install one.
  • If you account application use specific url names or don't use them at all then you have two ways: * edit PYBB sources and write correct urls * add required url names to account application urlpatterns

??? * Don't forget to write valid LOGIN_URL to the settings