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add index and sl terminology dictionary

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 ## For each dictionary:
 ##   1) Put the package itself in the DICT_DIR 
 ##      with the name <lang>_<variant>.<suffix> 
-##      where <suffix> is either .oxt or .zip
+##      where <suffix> is .oxt, .zip, or .dic
 ##   2) Extract the license for the dictionary 
 ##      into LICENSE_DIR with the name
 ##      <lang>_<variant>-dictionary-license.txt
+# Dictionary meta-data
+cp -v "${SRC_DIR}/dictionaries.xml" "${DICT_DIR}/"
+# Second Life
+cp -v "${SRC_DIR}/sl.dic" "${DICT_DIR}/sl.dic"
 # American English
 cp -v "${SRC_DIR}/en_US.oxt" "${DICT_DIR}/en_US.oxt"
 unzip -jaa "${SRC_DIR}/en_US.oxt" README_en_US.txt

File src/dictionaries.xml

+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
+<llsd xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="llsd.xsd">
+    <array>
+        <map>
+        <key>name</key>
+            <string>en_gb</string>
+        <key>is_primary</key>
+            <boolean>1</boolean>
+        <key>language</key>
+            <string>English (United Kingdom)</string>
+        </map>
+        <map>
+        <key>name</key>
+            <string>en_us</string>
+        <key>is_primary</key>
+            <boolean>1</boolean>
+        <key>language</key>
+            <string>English (United States)</string>
+        </map>
+        <map>
+        <key>name</key>
+            <string>es_es</string>
+        <key>is_primary</key>
+            <boolean>1</boolean>
+        <key>language</key>
+            <string>Español (España)</string>
+        </map>
+        <map>
+        <key>name</key>
+            <string>pt_br</string>
+        <key>is_primary</key>
+            <boolean>1</boolean>
+        <key>language</key>
+            <string>Português (Brasil)</string>
+        </map>
+        <map>
+        <key>name</key>
+            <string>sl</string>
+        <key>is_primary</key>
+            <boolean>0</boolean>
+        <key>language</key>
+            <string>Second Life Glossary</string>
+        </map>
+    </array>