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Linden Lab Mercurial Tools

This repository contains a number of convenience tools used at Linden Lab and made available by us for others to use.


All of this code in this repository actually produced by Linden Lab 
includes a license header describing the terms under which it is made

Some components have been imported from other sources; in each case, 
the component is in a subdirectory of its own, and has a README and a 
LICENSE file in the top of that directory that describe where to 
original source for the component came from and the terms under which 
it is licensed.


In addition to any embedded documentation, there is documentation on 
these tools at the `Mercurial Tools`_ wiki page.

.. _Mercurial Tools:

Recent activity


Commits by voidpointer were pushed to lindenlab/hg-tools

4a47633 - hg 2.4 breaks with a silent API change to store._auxencode. The expected input (and output) is now an array of strings (the parts of ...
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