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Issue #7 invalid

druntime build fail with rcent commit

Jonathan MERCIER
created an issue

when i build druntime from my own repo (alexeyProkhin fork) build fail:

$ ldc2 --output-o --output-bc -c -I../../import -I.. -I../gc demangle.d -of../../build/core/demangle.o -Hd../../include/core/ -d -w -g -O3 -op -enable-inlining -disable-invariants demangle.d(853): Error: switch case fallthrough - use 'goto case;' if intended demangle.d(1112): Error: switch case fallthrough - use 'goto default;' if intended

if alexeyProkhin read this could you said why i had :

$ ldc2 -release --output-o --output-bc -c -I./../import -I. -I./gc -I./core object_.d -of./../build/object_.o -Hd./../include/ -d -w -g -O3 -op -enable-inlining -disable-invariants Error: core/atomic.d(174): Error: undefined identifier llvm_memory_barrier

if i build with cmake (make phobis2) they are no error and in " ldc/runtime/CMakeFiles/druntime-ldc.dir/build.make" line 851

I think they are: 1/ an extra import 2/ a patch where i need run

Comments (3)

  1. prokhin_alexey

    I did not merged the last changes into the master yet. Apparently, your ldc repository is on 'merge' branch and your druntime repo is on the master. If you want to test the dmdfe 2.054 merge, run 'cd path_to_druntime && git fetch && git branch -f --track merge origin/merge && git checkout merge' ; or you may just switch ldc branch to the more or less stable trunk: cd path_to_ldc && hg up trunk.

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