The Dena'ina Qenaga website ( was created using ColdFusion as part of the Dena'ina Archiving, Training, and Access Project (2004-2006), a collaboration of the Alaska Native Language Center and the LinguistLIST funded by US National Science Foundation grant OPP-0326805. In January 2017 the archived site was migrated to Lucee, hosted at LinguistLIST.


The database needed for this is emeld. It should be the same as we have set up for LINGUIST List Lucee server. Please look at the README file for LL repository.

Media Files

Please note that the huge sound files and documents are not in the repository. They are in the backup drive. The folders excluded from the repository are:

- archive/tennenbaum
- archive/docs/
- archive/alignment-files/
- audio/
- fish/audio/
- sava/audio/
- texts/audio/

As of 2018-03-05 media fiels are hosted at:

Please check .gitignore for the list of excluded file types.


It seems like /kq/index.html is redirecting to So we don't really need anything in /kq except index.html

I have excluded these folders from the repo:

- kq/audio/
- kq/pages/
- kq/images/