Modem Manager GUI


Modem Manager GUI is a simple GTK+ based graphical interface compatible with Modem manager, Wader and oFono system services able to control EDGE/3G/4G broadband modem specific functions. You can check balance of your SIM card, send or receive SMS messages, control mobile traffic consumption and more using Modem Manager GUI.

Current features:

  • Create and control mobile broadband connections
  • Send and receive SMS messages and store messages in database
  • Initiate USSD requests and read answers (also using interactive sessions)
  • View device information: operator name, device mode, IMEI, IMSI, signal level
  • Scan available mobile networks
  • View mobile traffic statistics and set limits

Main window:

Building from source

First of all, you'll need to install such development packages:

  • GTK+ version 3.4.0 or later
  • Glib version 2.32.1 or later
  • GDBM version 1.10 or later
  • po4a version 0.45 or later
  • itstool version 1.2.0 or later
  • libappindicator-gtk3 version 0.4.92 or later
  • Meson version 0.37 or later

Next you have to go to directory with program's source code and issue these commands:

meson build
cd build
sudo ninja install

If you prefer good old Autotools, you can use these commands instead:

sh configure
sudo make install

Program files will be copied into your system directories. It's better to build package and install it though. Packages specification files are available in 'packages' directory of source code tree.

More info

Please visit official project's page.